Founded by Professor Stanley Nisbet in 1954
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Hon President: Professor James c. Conroy
Research interests
I have written widely in the areas of religious education, religion, education and liberal democracy and education and the literary and aesthetic imagination. I have an enduring interest in (and written on) the philosophy of Hannah Arendt and the lessons to be learnt from her work for education and other social projects. I am also interested and have written on
  Professor of Religious and Philosophical Education                                     
(Creativity Culture and Faith),Glasgow University
Secretary:     Margaret McFarlane  

Treasurer:    Joseph McDowell
Professor Tom Bryce, John Cassidy, Jean Carwood-Edwards, Bryce Hartsorn, Eileen Holmes, Professor Walter Humes, Alasdair MacDonald, Christine Wicklow, Don Perry (Co-opted) Donald Gillies, Robert Allan.
childhood. Most recently I have been working on reconfiguring the arguments for and about pluralism in education, based on the recovery and refurbishment of some older terms and ideas. I have an enduring concern with education into the future.I welcome applications for masters and doctoral study on many aspects of religion, culture and education - moral education and development, citizenship, philosophy, pluralism and multicultural education; Religion and Education; Policy and Religion in Schooling; the literacy and cultural imagination and education; religious education; liberalism and education; educational alternatives.
Career history
Professor Conroy has previously held the posts Dean of the Faculty of Education, Head of Graduate School and Head of Department of Religious Education at the University. Before joining the University of Glasgow he was Director of Religious Education and Pastoral Care at St Andrew's College; Senior Lecturer in Theology and Religious Education at St Mary's College, Strawberry Hill; and has taught in schools and adult education in England. Professor Conroy holds a teaching certificate from St Mary’s College, Strawberry Hill; and is a graduate in Religious Studies and Philosophy of Education (BEd) from the Institute of Education, University of London (1980). MA Philosophy of Religion from the University of Lancaster (1981). 
PhD Philosophy/Politics of Education, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (2003)
Chair: Professor Donald Gilles:- M.A. (Hons.)English & Philosophy, University of Glasgow, 1981. PGCE 9Secondary, English) Jordanhill College, 1984. DipEd, University of Glasgow, 1984. M.Ed, University of Strathclyde, 2001. PhD, University of Strathclyde, 2009

Donald joined the University of the West of Scotland as Head of the School of Education in 2014. Before that, He was Professor of Education Policy at York St John University from 2012.

He was Lecturer, and then Senior lecturer, in Educational Studies at the University of Strathclyde from 2005-2012. Prior to that he spent 21 years as a schoolteacher in the west of Scotland, including 11 years as Principal Teacher.
Donald has taught on undergraduate and graduate initial teacher education courses and on masters and doctoral programmes. And has supervised at M.Ed., M.Phil., Ed.D., and PhD levels. His principal research interests are in education policy and the politics of education, both national and international He is interested in critical policy studies, critical discourse analysis, educational theory, the philosophy of education, issues around disadvantage, and the role of socioeconomic and cultural factors in education. He has a particular interest in the work of Michel Foucault.
Professional Memberships.
Higher Education Academy (Fellowship); Scottish Educational Research Association; British Educational Research Association; European Educational Research Association; Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain; Society of Educational Studies. Editorial board member Scottish Educational Review. Peer reviewer for: Scottish Educational Review, Journal of Education Policy, Higher Education Policy, Distance Education, Journal of Education Administration & History, Critical Studies in Education, and Improving Schools. Independent expert panel member for European Commission research and innovation programme, from November 2012.
From April 2014, He is a Universities Scotland representative on the General Teaching Council and is the Chair of the Educational Colloquium for 2015/16.

Board and Committee Members

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